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1 HOUR REAL TIME STUDY WITH ME | Classical study music(piano + string quartet)

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Read me for more info ;)

Hello~ welcome to my another #studywithme video ^ ^
I will totally concentrate on my study for one hour without a break.
This study session is accompanied with classical music, which starts just after finishing my To-do list. At the end of this video, i'll share with you the view from my office window . It feels so relaxing and healing to look at it after a productive session!

⏰ timestamps:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:19 Study session
1:00:20 View from window + Sign off

???? list
◦ Beauty Of Kura - Vusal Zeinalov
◦ Morning In Heidelberg - Franz Gordon
◦ Chanson De Matin, Op. 15, No. 2 - Traditional
◦ String Quartet, Op. 41 No .3 in A_ I. Andante Espressivo - Allegro Molto Moderato - Traditional

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#studyathome #realtimestudysession #focusstudymusic

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