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432 Hz Relaxing Classical Music for Stress Relief ~ Piano Bach

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????432 Hz Relaxing Classical Music for Stress Relief ~ Piano Bach????

????The classical music goes perfectly with the video imagery, it sounds and looks relaxing which will help your body and mind be calm.

????It is comfortable to listen to while enjoying your morning coffee, before your work. Аlso classical music is suitable for study and concentration.

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Relax Bubble channel specializes to recharge your positive energy with healing meditation music tuned to 432 Hz. for sleep meditation and lucid dreams that will help you achieve soothing relaxation and inspire a good night’s sleep and a state of zen during the trying times of lockdown. For better experience I added fantasy to enjoy in the amazing pictures of our universe!
Why 432hz?
Joseph Sauveur French mathematician and physicist, known principally for his detailed studies on acoustics, elected to the French Royal Academy of Sciences come upon with a concept

Rather than tuning music at 440 Hz or other variations, he noted that by placing middle C at 256 Hz, you could create a system where each octave (or factor) of C lands on an even integer (whole number), instead of containing awkward decimals.

It is those awkward decimals he alluded to that make conventional music tuning (440 Hz) not sound as nice as music played at 432 Hz.
So, when we tune an instrument to 432 Hz, we get a C note at 256 Hz, which, due to the sympathetic resonance of the note overtones, will produce another C at exactly 8 Hz.
This frequency of 8 Hz – which is at the top end of the Theta brainwave state – is the brainwave state that makes us feel relaxed but conscious and open to intuitive learning.

Track 1 : Variatio 25 a 2 Clav.
Artist : Kimiko Ishizaka
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Track 2: Variation 13
Artist: Shelley Katz
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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