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All of Me Etude No.2 - Ilse de Ziah - Jazz Cello

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My second study for the cello playing a solo in the gypsy jazz or traditional jazz style. Cello sheet music available plus backing track. https://store.playcellomusic.com/p/all-of-me-etude-no2/

The first study on Sweet Georgia Brown cello sheet music and backing track is also available.

The Gypsy Jazz genre has exploded in popularity in recent years. This music is usually based around the sound of guitars and violin.
The style came into being with the Quintet of the Hot Club of France in the 1930’s. Featuring the gypsy guitar of Django Reinhardt and the violin of Stephane Grappelli. There are gypsy jazz bands all over the world nowadays. There is lots of jamming taking place amongst its adherents.
I didn’t want cellists to miss out on this style of playing.

The phrases in this study can be adapted for any situation. You can change the notes to come up with your own variations on the phrases. If you hear phrase you like over a particular chord, you can try it in different keys and songs. Experiment where the same chord occurs in other situations.

This etude is based on the style of the guitarist Django. He was a master of playing “decorated” arpeggios. He played lines that outlined the chord changes and connected them in a jazzy way.

This etude is also inspired by swing style saxophone players of the same era. Horn players generally have the best lines. 

I am planning on doing some more of these cello studies. 1930’s style jazz is a good place to start playing jazz because the chord changes are simple and easy to hear. All of Me was a well known song from this early jazz era and a jam session favourite.

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