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Arati Ankalikar Tikekar | Raag Jaunpuri | Khayal vocal | Music of India

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Raag Jaunpuri is said to be a creation of King Hussain Shah of the Sharqi dynasty, the Islamic state that ruled northern India between 1394 and 1479. Their capital was Jaunpur, a city that still exists by the same name in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Hussain Shah had christened the raga Jaunpuri-Asavari which later got simplified as Jaunpuri.

In this video, Arati Ankalikar blends the magic of Agra, Jaipur and Gwalior gharanas to create the grandeur of this raga. With the oscillating komal Ga (flat 3rd) and komal Dha (flat 6th), she infuses soul into the raga, portraying amply the spirit of Jaunpuri with its subtle microtones.

After a brief alap, she begins the composition, ‘Ri Main Na Janoon Kaisi Lagi Lagan,’ set to a 7-beat Rupak taal in slower tempo. Elucidating the raga in the middle and upper octaves with detailed phrases, she sequences them in soulful patterns of bol vistaar and bol banav.

Anubrata Chatterjee, son of legendary tabla player Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, provides steady and complimenting support on the tabla. Chinmay Kolhatkar’s accompaniment is melodious and full of efforts to augment the overall performance. Omkar Dalvi is a promising, young pakhawaj player who is making a name for himself with his sensitive accompaniment to vocal recitals.

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Learn more about the music:

Raag Jaunpuri is derived from the Asavari thaat (scale). It drops Ga (3rd note) in its ascent and is sung during the 2nd quarter of the day (between 9 am and 12 pm). The dominant and sub-dominant notes in this raga are the ‘en-dehors’ of Jaunpuri, highlighted by oscillations to hit a lower-than-usual microtone. This enhances the grandeur and devotional mood of Raag Jaunpuri while subtly maintaining its restive stance. If personified, Jaunpuri may look like a striking lady with a calm, deferential demeanour.

Arati Ankalikar (khayal)
Anubrata Chatterjee (tabla)
Chinmay Kolhatkar (harmonium)
Omkar Dalvi (pakhawaj)
Priya Prakash & Shobhana Patel (tanpuras)
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