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Before we kick off last episode of 2020 I wan't to say Thank You all for listening my mixes, for your likes and comments. I really appreciate it and wish you all a better New Year. Also I'm so grateful that there is so many producers and vocalists out there that makes my life worth living thru this amazing music what trance is. Thank You!

Now about december mix, as I noticed flipping through beatport list that producers are already focusing on a new year so I'ts going to be full of artists self released (not on label) stuff, some of the tracks are from earlier time from 2020 that didn't made it for my monthly mixes but are still amazing and ofcourse best releases of December.

So first tune is amazing progressive vocal tune by Norni and Kate Miles that was released already in June but it was very hard to fit in to the mix at that time so I leave it for better times. After few slow ones you can hear significant increase in speed and we go fully uplifting again with Madwave Bootleg of "Us" and Dirkie Coetzee remix of an amazing Feel & Cari track "Falling Down". Later also you hear Ultimate Bootleg of Robin Schulz hit song "Speechless" and Steve Allen's remix of Ashley Wallbridge and Clara Yates track "Diamonds" witch both are not on label so self released. In middle of this we have two releases of december, Tycoos & Jan Johnston "The Landslide" and I think my favorite of this episode produced by Christiaan Hoogeveen. The track is called "Stronger" and OMG, what an emotional melody this one have. Great Job by Christiaan. Mr. Shugz take as to the journey with harder styles of trance, really love that reverse bass. And as we already have this year great reworks of a classics like "Castles in the Sky" and "Take Me Away" so what is better way to end up this with the classic of all classics, Ruddaz remix of Delerium - Silence. Hope you like it!


01. [00:01] Norni & Kate Miles - Silver Lining (Extended Mix) 26.06
02. [04:03] MatricK & Axwanging - Yours (Original Mix) 04.12
03. [07:50] Klassy Project Feat. Lokka Vox - Dark Skies (Myk Bee Remix) 27.04
04. [12:02] Andy Norling & Mehdi Belkadi Feat. Tara Lynn - Us (Madwave Bootleg) 25.12 (SELF-RELEASED)
05. [16:45] Feel & Cari - Falling Down (Dirkie Coetzee Remix) 30.06 (SELF-RELEASED)
06. [20:42] Jody 6 Feat. Marian - You Need Somebody Like Me (Extended Mix) 21.12
07. [25:06] Robin Schulz feat. Erika Sirola - Speechless (Ultimate Bootleg) 22.04 (SELF-RELEASED)
08. [29:44] Tycoos & Jan Johnston - The Landslide (Extended Mix) 04.12
09. [34:09] Christiaan Hoogeveen - Stronger (Original Mix) 25.12
10. [39:01] Ashley Wallbridge Feat. Clara Yates - Diamonds (Steve Allen Remix) 23.12 (SELF-RELEASED)
11. [43:15] Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. Presents Sun Decade With Cari - Better Part Of Me (Extended Mix) 09.11
12. [48:17] S.H.O.K.K. & Nick The Kid feat. HATi - Force Majeure (Shugz Remix) 21.12
13. [54:00] Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Ruddaz Remix) 06.05 (SELF-RELEASED)

Listen in soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tranceforce1/best-of-vocal-trance-december-2020

This mix is for promotional purposes only. All rights reserved to the artists/producers and record labels responsible for the music in this mix.

All commercial revenue goes to the artists and producers by YouTube copyright policy. I can't monetize my videos and all ads are placed automatically after 10k views by YouTube.

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