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Chilly Gonzales on classical music and having the courage to be different

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Pianist, entertainer and composer Chilly Gonzales can do it all — classical, jazz, pop, you name it. In fact, switching among genres has defined his artistic style.

In this exclusive interview, Chilly Gonzales shares his wise musings on classical music and even answers some of the burning questions, such as: what’s a cadenza and how do you resolve tonal tension? He also talks about his laid-back approach to the greats like Beethoven, Brahms and Wagner. He encourages people not to like artists for the sake of it, because they’re a big name, but to discover their own taste. Chilly Gonzales is also an exponent of high-energy performance, of spontaneous interludes on stage, in which artists can express themselves artistically and authentically.

Sit back and enjoy the stories of this extraordinary musician, who blurs the lines between genres and has found his own, powerful language.

00:07 Dot
13:16 Prelude in C Sharp Major
17:00 Around the World
22:52 Gogol
28:17 Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

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