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Chloë Hazle - Addolora: Beautiful Piano Music, Contemporary Classical Piano. MuseScore Composition

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This thoughtful piece develops gradually from a heavy and melancholy sound into a slightly more hopeful open sound. It reflects the feeling of overcoming deep sadness and depression with the resolve to keep fighting another day whatever life decides to throw at you and your loved ones. It is a contemplative and reflective piece. This contemporary classical piano solo would be suitable for intermediate piano players and beyond.

If you enjoy listening to my music please leave me a comment to let me know!
I am so grateful to everyone who has left encouraging and helpful comments on my pieces - it makes such a difference to me and inspires me to write more music to share. :)

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I am currently saving for a pair of high quality noise-cancelling headphones that I can use when composing. The headphones block out external noise. I live in an urban area and I am surrounded by building work so it would be wonderful to be able to really focus in on my composition without interruption.

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