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Clair De Lune | Easy Piano Tutorial | Piano Roll

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In this video I teach you how to play the song Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy. This is one of my favorite piano songs because it is so beautiful and so simple!
This video has both a slow and full speed version. If you're only interested in the full speed version click here:
Full Speed: 2:30

Also here as some great practicing tips:
*Start slow! You've heard that practice makes perfect. That's not true! Practice makes permanent. The way you practice is how you will play. Start slow and make sure you get each note right. If you haven't already, be sure to watch this slower version of the song: https://youtu.be/vFSTopIWUhs

*Practice each hand separately first. Play through the song one hand at a time many times over until you have it down. Do this with each hand separately before you try playing both hands together.

*Look for patterns. Pay attention to the patterns happening in the left hand part as the notes move down. Pay attention to the repeating chord patterns in your right hand. Noticing these patterns will help make it easier to learn the song.

Learn to play the piano from my series of tutorials whether you are an expert or beginner. From lessons to Fur Elise, you will find all your piano needs here!

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