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Classical Music for Study, Classical music to sleep and relax to, Classical Music - Tonality Sounds

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Tonality Sounds is a Youtube Channel which is designed to provide people with free music to amplify or resolve certain aspects of their life. Whether it is something like wanting to put on music to help with study, music to help with anxiety, music for babies or to go to sleep yourself. We are here to provide quality sounds to accompany any occasion. We are also in the process of expanding out into mediation and manifestation music and music for restaurants or spas to use in their places of business. There is no limit to what our music can be used for. Our music is effective in what ever application you use it for, whether it be manifesting, sleeping, stress relief, anxiety relief or studying. Be sure to subscribe and get a notification every time we upload new music! Never miss a beat!

We are producing the following music types!
Sleep Music, Baby Music, Relaxation Music, Mediation Music, Study Music, Brain Wave Music, Zen Music, Reiki Music, Spa Music, Guitar Music, Piano Music, Lofi Music, Lofi Sounds, Rain Sounds, Environmental Sounds and Acoustic Guitar Music!

Some of the benefits you might experience while listening to our music are;
• Stress Relief And Relaxation
• Increased Concentration
• Amplify Mental Alertness And Memory
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Fight Stress, Anxiety and Depression
• Improvement in Sleep Quality

Want to stay update and want some extra tips on helping in any occasion in life? Follow us on twitter!
#relaxingmusic #studymusic #relaxmusic

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