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Classical Music Playlist | #14 | Vivaldi | Winter mvt 2 Largo | Classical Music | Animal Kingdom

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Classical Music Playlist. The Best Classical Music for Brain Power. Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Chopin, Piano Music, Cello, Violin, in addition to Relaxing Video with images of the Animal Kingdom. Watch this Relaxing Video and listen to this Relaxing Music as a form of Stress Management, to Relax, Relieve Anxiety, Depression, self care, wellnes or as Background Music to Study, Focus or Sleep better.

| # 14 | Winter movement 2 Largo, by Vivaldi. As a background video, beautiful images of Polar Bears.

Playlist with Classical Music Mix and Animal Kingdom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfGvW3vN0JY&list=PL93reFTny-XI7l9_o9XKR1Fx5NZQOyX7H

Visit our other playlists: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeyb_4xEsvF6LcA4iK_IiDQ/playlists


How to sleep better? How to manage stress? How to deal with anxiety? How to clear your mind? How to Relax?

Why listening to classical music is good for helping with this questions:

A Stanford University study entitled "The benefits of listening to music" found that listening to Classical Music has psychological benefits. The results of the research showed that, when listening to Classical Music, blood flow increases in several areas of the brain, activating the areas related to autonomy, cognition and emotion, while other areas release dopamine.

Reducing pain and Anxiety, Stress Relief, lowering blood pressure, fighting Insomnia, awakening and increasing emotions, helping babies and children Brain Power, and Calming nerves are some of the reasons for listening to Classical Music.


Baby Olivia was born in Brazil on October 5, 2020.
It will be wonderful if, when she is old enough, she finds out that the YouTube channel we created for her has thousands upon thousands of subscribers worldwide.

Join us. Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeyb_4xEsvF6LcA4iK_IiDQ/


What do you find on our channel:
Videos (most of them with baby Olivia), landscapes, music, sounds of nature and white noises, which were carefully thought out and elaborated by us, so that here you can relieve any unwanted feeling.

@Baby Olivia, Get Some Sleep Find your peace here.


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Some Videos witth Baby Olivia, for your relaxation:
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All rights reserved.
This content was carefully thought out and produced by us from @Baby Olivia, Get Some Sleep, with the aim of creating a unique and exclusive relaxation experience for those who watch us.


Thank you for sharing your moment of relaxation with us. We are truly honored for that.
New content coming soon!
Hugs from Brazil!

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