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classical music playlist + binaural beats for shifting realities [Estelle Method]

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this video is a playlist of classical music that has dark academia vibes, layered with binaural beats to guide your brain into the Theta state. the playlist is not made for any specific desired reality. I created this thinking that it would be optimal for the Estelle method (more on this below), but it would work with a wide variety of methods, such as the Julia method, the raven method, and the staircase method. if the music reminds you of your desired reality, it will make a great accompaniment as you shift. there are no subliminals or affirmations layered on this track. the idea is that you mentally recite your affirmations to yourself while listening.

⋆ tracklist (all songs slowed with reverb added) ⋆

00:00 | Joe Hisaishi - Merry Go Round of Life (Howl’s Moving Castle Main Theme)
6:09 | Debussy - Clair de Lune
12:33 | Ludovco Einaudi - Dietro Casa
16:55 | Franz Gordon - The French Library
20:29 | Franz Gordon - The Art Teacher
24:40 | Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1
28:52 | J.S. Bach - Adagio
34:56 | J.S. Bach - Air on G String
41:15 | Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
48:22 | Debussy - La plus que Lente
52:40 | Debussy - Reverie
57:51 | 20 Minutes of Pure 6hz Binaural Beats

⋆ what are binaural beats? ⋆

when you play tones of a slightly different frequency in each ear, your brain processes the tones at the difference of the two frequencies. this new frequency is the binaural beat. it is believed that listening to binaural beats can help your brain waves sync with the frequency of the beat.

the left channel plays a consistent 432hz tone for the duration of the track. the right channel starts out with a 423hz tone, so your brain will process the difference between the tones at 9hz. At 9hz, your brain is in the Alpha state, a state of mental and physical relaxation. By 30:00, the right channel has slowly progressed to 426hz, where it remains for the duration of the track. Your brain processes the difference of the tones at 6hz. At 6hz, your brain is in the Theta state. 6hz is believed to be the optimal tone for shifting realities, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. classical music plays in both headphones for an hour, the last twenty minute of the track is pure 6hz with no music layered.

the intent of this track is to slowly guide your brain from the alpha state into the theta state to allow you to shift realities.

⋆ what is the Estelle method? ⋆

relax and get into a comfortable position in bed. picture yourself dancing with a person from your desired reality. for example, if you are shifting to the Harry Potter universe, you could picture yourself dancing at the Yule Ball. if you are shifting to the Vampire Diaries universe, you could picture yourself dancing at the Mikaelson ball. try to visualize this in the first person. when you are ready (it may be after one song, it may be after five songs), visualize your partner leading you away from the dance floor to a door. they open the door for you, and behind the door should be a room of bright white light. step into the room, repeating your affirmations as you walk through. you may feel like you are falling, moving, etc. you will feel your surroundings change. when your vision goes black, open your eyes. you are now in your desired reality.

*another variation of this is to have your room/ a room from your desired reality be behind the door. go into the room, lie down, go to sleep, and wake up in your desired reality.

⋆ how to use this audio ⋆

headphones are required for the full benefits of this audio. you can listen to this audio without headphones without any negative effects, but as you won't have different frequencies playing in each ear your brain won't process the binaural beats. get into a comfortable position, listen to this track with both headphones in while following your method of choice while shifting realities.


you will shift.
you are in your desired reality.

thumbnail /background image from Diego Nunes (instagram: @dialexnunes) on unsplash.com

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