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Eastern Classical music for study, Focus, Relaxing and Healing - Best Classical Music for Meditation

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Eastern Classical Music, relaxing classical music, classical music for sleeping, classical music for studying is the Beautiful Eastern Classical Music, Classical Relaxing Music, Best Classical Music, with vocal and light Raag Sound is not just another Classical music. You will taste the sweetness of best Classical music through your ears. Close your eyes and listen to this beautiful relaxing classical music and feast on the best meditation music of eastern classical raag and dholak (Light drum sound with vocals). Imagine sitting on the beach in lotus posture and listening to this beautiful classical music with healing female vocal, drum music, plucked stringed instrument and waves and water sound.
Once you start listening to Meloditation classical relaxing music you will feel relaxed and peaceful immediately. The sound of plucked stringed instrument music is very sweet and gentle you can use this video for concentration for studies and focus. Classical instrumental music in this video will increase your focus and you can let go the disturbing thoughts which might occur during your studies. Classical Eastern Vocal sounds heal your mind and body and sooth your brain for better understanding the topic you are learning and in general daily life.
You can play this spa classical music in spa, massage centers, restaurants for peaceful environment. The plucked stringed instrument used with this classical piano relaxing music increase its power which you will feel in your mind and body and the surrounding area you are in.
This is one of the best classical music you may find on youtube with beautiful raag which make you relaxed and help you clean your anxiety, depression and negativity you might have during the day.
classical Music sound is very soft but it will make you strong for the daily life challenges.

Instruments Used in the Music:
Small drums, plucked stringed instrument, Piano, Violin, female vocals, Raag and Alaap from the East are used in this beautiful classical relaxing Music - classical Relaxing Music - Best classical Music - Waves and Water Sound, Meloditation video. This relaxing vocal eastern classical music video has the properties of classical music, classical relaxing music, best classical music, sunset music, jazz classical, Violin music, waves sound, water sound, plucked stringed instrument, ocean sounds, spa classical music, Piono instrumental music, plucked stringed instrument music youtube, classical music meditation, ocean waves sleeping and drum music.
What is Meloditation?
Meloditation is a tree under you can find refuge from anxiety, depression, fatigue, inner noise, loneliness, insomnia and sadness etc.
Meloditation is a music tree and its branches are Meditation Music, Soothing Music, Sleep Music, Relax Music, Lullaby Music, Chakra Music, Classical Music, Nature sounds, Inspirational Music, Dream Music (yes literally for good dreams), Cinematic Music, Zen Music, Songs of Butterflies and Bugs, Mood uplift Music, Chill Music, Music for night Owls, Music for early Birds, Weather Songs, Rain and Thunder sounds, Sounds of talking trees, sounds of moving hills and all the other Music & Sounds in the Universe. Our videos are the fruit of these branches.

on Meloditation we bring something fresh both in Audio and Visual formats.

Be happy this moment, what is done we can never change and what will come is a surprise. This is our moment. This is our chance of happiness. Happiness is a choice.
We love Meditation, we love Music.
We are Meloditation. Meloditation is a step towards inner peace.
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Love & Peace

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