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Epic Badass Hybrid Music | Aggressive Modern Orchestral Mix | Dramatic Action Music Mix

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Epic Badass Hybrid Music | Aggressive Modern Orchestral Mix | Dramatic Action Music Mix
Epic Badass Hybrid Music | Aggressive Modern Orchestral Mix | Dramatic Action Music Mix
Epic Badass Hybrid Music | Aggressive Modern Orchestral Mix | Dramatic Action Music Mix

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*Music: Epic Music VN

*Art: https://mylivewallpapers.com/games/fire-blade-kratos-gow-live-wallpaper/

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00:00 Audiomachine - The Lion's Heart
04:00 Audiomachine - Borne Of Iron
06:02 Audiomachine - Supernova
09:11 Colossal Trailer Music - Hope
12:30 Mark Petrie - Eshara
14:57 Atom Music Audio - In The Dark Rise
17:16 Audiomachine - Climb Together
20:22 End Of Silence - Blood Moon
27:35 Posthaste Music - Fallen Heroes
30:06 Mark Petrie - Destiny Falls
33:29 Colossal Trailer Music - When Forces Collide
36:14 Imagine Music - Turn Back Time
38:41 Audiomachine - Nothing To Prove To You
41:49 Chroma Music - Deliverance
46:15 End Of Silence - Divebomb
50:16 Audiomachine - Designed To Save The World
53:43 Atom Music Audio - More Than Human
56:45 Sub Pub Music - Sacrifice
59:38 Gothic Storm - Inmortal
1:02:21 Imagine Music - The End

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