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Find yourself / lofi hip hop mix | Chill music to relax, meditate, get high or chill ????‍♂️

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????Lofi Mix????

Lofi and chill music scene

Music to study, drive, relax and chill や煙ハスス依 ョ煙 け ン グ委ボ 陰

Feel at home, relax and immerse yourself completely in a fusion of Indian visuals on lofi/chillhop beats on Midnight vibes. There is music to suit every mood. Your home to SOUND HEALING.

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00:00 dann.gogh - Nothing to say
01:40 elocin - you're the reason to why I still exist
03:40 otions - end of time
06:00 Himitsu - she always held me down
07:30 Kr0w - Ikari
09:58 Lov3 $truk Parad!so - Bo3 (1)
11:46 idonthavename - ruins feelings
14:20 Aireey - Revelations
16:39 Ian James - Don't Turn Me Down
20:04 sülkee - Bloom
24:16 kochetkovv - summer nights
26:21 ℛ????????????????. - lovesick _ nights (単独で)

????Art by Kuvshinov Ilya -

???? Submit Music: shreyrey@gmail.com or reach out to me on Instagram link above.

All the videos, songs, images, and graphics used in the videos belong
to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right
over them therefore, please do NOT contact me to ask for song/visual

Youtube Please read this:
This video upload is an agreed collaboration between Midnight vibes,
the selected music and visual artist/s to produce a completely unique piece
of media. Therefor it is original content and cannot be classed
as "Duplication, Reused and/or non-original content".
The Midnight vibes Youtube channel and its videos serve a practical purpose
for the music industry, especially up and
coming Lofi hip hop artists. It also serves the purpose of giving artists
a platform to promote and share their visual pieces. Midnight vibes's
uploads are appreciated by the Youtube audience and give's them a location
to listen to a vast selection of music while studying/relaxing. Any and all
video cuts, edits and effects are curated and applied by Midnight vibes.
Should copyrighted media be found within our videos it will not be
contested in anyway with the revenue going to the contents owner via
Youtube's Content ID feature even when usage is agreed -
Midnight vibes should be allowed in the YPP.


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