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Improve Memory with Classical Music for Brain Power While Sleeping and Studying

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Improve Memory with Classical Music for Brain Power While Sleeping and Studying

Enjoy the compilation of classical songs from the greatest composers of all time while sleeping and studying!

0:00 Mozart Rondo Alla Turca
3:45 Mozart Piano Sonata no 16
9:37 Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
17:05 Beethoven Fur Elise
20:15 Beethoven Pathetique Sonata (2nd movement)
26:05 Beethoven Fifth Symphony
27:34 Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
34:05 Beethoven Ode to Joy
35:04 Beethoven 5th Symphony (full)
45:19 JS Bach Prelude No 1
47:04 JS Bach Badinerie (solo piano)
48:25 JS Bach Brandenburg Concerto 3 (1st Movement)
49:26 JS Bach Brandenburg Concerto 2 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Movement)
55:03 Chopin Spring Song
58:18 Chopin Funeral March
1:05:05 Chopin Flow Like Chopin

Having trouble sleeping? Listen to classical music for better sleep routine. Fall asleep instantly by listening to classical music!

Keep yourself focus and get more effective while studying with classical music. This will create a perfect ambience for studying and exam revision as your mind will be subconsciously brought into a state of deep concentration.

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All sounds and visuals are either royalty free or bought with monthly license.

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