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Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega

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Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega. On AEW Dynamite, these two will wrestle for the AEW World Championship. Here's my thoughts on the main event for AEW.

Tomorrow night, Jon Moxley will be defending his AEW World Championship against Kenny Omega in the main event of a special Dynamite episode. I’m going to have to give credit where it’s due. Tony Khan did a good job at booking this match. I am extremely hyped for this one. For some odd reason, this has a big fight feel to it. Not many matches can accomplish that in my opinion. The only other matches that I felt like this was for the dog collar match between Cody Rhodes and Brodie Lee, and the tag team match with The Young Bucks against Kenny and Hangman. But for the third time of the year, I’m eagerly waiting to see Moxley vs Omega because that’s how big it is. I even decided to make this video about it because I wanted to talk about my thoughts on it.

The fact that it’s a free TV match is also actually insane. AEW could have waited until a PPV, but we’re seeing it on a Wednesday Night. The best part about it is that I can’t really decide who’s going to win. Usually, AEW matches are pretty easy to predict. Hangman vs Kenny is a good example. It was obvious that Kenny Omega was going to be victorious. Jon Moxley vs Eddie Kingston is another one that I was 99% sure on who was going to come out of that victorious. So the fact that we’re going to get a major title match that’s unpredictable makes it even more fun.

This is the type of stuff that makes me love pro wrestling. I’m a wrestling fan because of things like this. I really think that these two are going to go out there and put on a classic match. The last time they stepped in the ring, it was more of a hardcore match that didn’t follow traditional wrestling rules. This time around, according to Kenny Omega, it’s going to be a wrestling match that takes place in the ring. In fact, he told Moxley to keep the garbage wrestling at home. With that statement alone, you already know that this is going to be a good one.

I think this will be Jon Moxley’s best wrestling match in AEW. It could even be his greatest match in his entire career. The same could even happen for Kenny Omega. I always say that a great wrestling match needs to have a good storyline. Before we even get in the ring, you need to make fans care about the bout. The match tomorrow has been something that’s been building up since their last match. If you think about it, the last time they wrestled, that loss really destroyed Kenny Omega’s first year in AEW. Because of that match, Omega was never able to recover.

He was stuck in the tag team title picture with 228 lbs of dead weight. While Omega was stuck in that division, Jon Moxley went on to become the AEW world champion for the last nine months. I’m sure that was Kenny Omega’s plan. He wanted the top title in this company. But the one man that took that all away is Jon Moxley. So yes, I do think that this has been an underlying storyline that’s been taking place over the course of the year. Kenny Omega returning as the cleaner only intensified things even more.

The match feels bigger than ever before because he’s not playing games anymore. Kenny Omega is coming for the AEW World Title. He’s coming for his redemption. The only problem is that Jon Moxley stands between his road to redemption. As we all know, Mox is one tough SOB who’s going to go to war. And so, the battle between these two is a big one that has me hyped. For the rest of the video, I want to talk about who I like more, my prediction, and I’ll even throw in my fantasy booking.

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