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Meditation Music: Songs to Help You Relax!

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Meditation Music: Songs to Help You Relax! - Get yourself into the right mood for meditation and achieve a relaxing and balanced aura with our beautiful and serene music and TV!

♫♫♫ Easy Sleep Music on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/easy-sleep-music/id332595595

EasySleepMusic is the home to some of the best sleep, concentration music and relaxing music. Its Part of the EasySleepMusic network.

Our network makes original effective sleep music, baby sleep music, dog music, meditation music and study music. We also make healing music and Spa Music.

We create music which is specially designed and encourage brain function and focus so you are in a state of meditation and concentration while working on hard tasks. We also use binaural beats (alpha waves and theta waves and delta waves) to naturally encourage a state of relaxation, which is perfect for concentration, meditation or deep sleep. Our playlists use light and calming sounds including nature sounds to as well as nature pictures and nature videos to help with daily meditation, concentration and relaxation.

♫ White Noise and Binaural Beats:

Some of the Music on our network uses White Noise and Binaural Beats to help you sleep by calming you down before bed.

♫ Sleep Music / Sleeping Music:

EasySleepMusic has music designed for deep sleep to help with sleeping problems or insomnia. Our soft slow soothing music mixed with nature sounds helps with baby sleeping problems all the way to adults. We also have lullaby for babies on our babysleepdreams channel. Our dreamy landscape pictures combined with classical instrumental music moves tour body and mind into a state of relaxation and concentration. Our Sleep Music is also used as meditation music to help the mind be free. Our soothing instrumental sounds and nature sounds help move your brain through theta, delta, and alpha waves, giving you the clear mind for a healing sleep to soothe you off.

EasySleepMusic has helped all types of people, if you are a mother wanting to help your baby sleep or toddler sleep or if you are a teenager or adult with ADHD. Our soothing music helps with sleeping problems. If you are a mature adult or senior citizen we can help you with your sleeping problems and insomnia as we continue to learn and develop more music tailored towards you.

♫ Relaxing / Relaxation, Meditation, Healing and Stress Relief Music:

Our Relaxing Records channel is inspired by Deekpak Chopra Meditation, Russell Simmons Meditation. We are also inspired by Buddhist meditation, Zen meditation, mindfulness meditation and Eckhart Tolle meditation. Combined by this inspiration we believe we have created music that will help all type of people experience deep meditation. We aim to clear the mind and open the third eye that’s why we also take our inspiration from the great monks behind Tibetan Music, Japanese meditation music and Indian meditation music.

♫ Concentration and Study Music to help Focus :

Our Music is designed to help you focus on your studies and hard task so you can clear your mind and focus on achieving results in all tasks. By combing classic music, house music, trance music and nature sounds our channel as a variety to suit all types of people to help you engage into a complete state of focus. Use our music to concentrate to ;).

♫ Relaxing Massage and Spa Music:

Our music is designed to help you unwind and untangle from a hard days works. Our light nature sounds and instrumental music combined with rain sounds and light piano music help you get into a deep state of relaxation.

♫ Yoga Music:

If you’re a beginner or expert we can help you into complete focus as our calming music is inspired by African music and Indian music and yoga chants.

Check out our other channels:
♫ http://youtube.com/relaxmydog
♫ http://youtube.com/relaxmycat
♫ http://youtube.com/easysleepmusic
♫ http://youtube.com/relaxingrecords
♫ http://youtube.com/babysleepmusic
♫ http://youtube.com/concentrationmusic

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