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New Classical Music ~ Sneaking Mood ???? [ 100% you have never heard ]

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New Classical Music ~ Sneaking Mood [ 100% you have never heard ]

Do you want to surprise the musical genius in yourself? Include a collection of "Sneaking Mood". Each melody is an intrigue that develops from track to track. The melodies are built on the principle of a wave, and cause very controversial feelings.
Turn on music in the background, and let it make its own robot. Light relaxation, which leads to concentration, is guaranteed to you. The melody will keep you awake, but at the same time it will help you to relax and learn something new.

If you like classical music - write in the comments so that you would like to listen on the weekend.
And I will try to form and select music with the highest quality sound)

0:00 Circus Coming to Town - Ludvig Moulin
2:30 Ghost Mission - Stationary Sign
4:29 A Cradle Song - Mary Riddle
6:54 A Hoax - Mary Riddle
9:18 Baby in the Bushes - Stationary Sign
11:18 Breaking the Safe - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
13:25 Glad You Came By - Stationary Sign
15:21 Insidious Mice - Arthur Benson
17:31 Sneaky Theft - Stationary Sign
19:42 They Are Here - Duke Herrington
22:57 Warmest Regards - Experia
25:09 Will He See Me Here - Stationary Sign

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