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पूर्णिमा।अद्भुत मधुर संगीत। Relaxing Calming Music.Bamboo flute.Meditation Sleep Music . Bmind Tsk

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पूर्णिमा।अद्भुत मधुर संगीत। Relaxing Calming Music.Bamboo flute.Meditation Sleep Music. Bmind Tsk
पूर्णिमा का प्रकाश ।अद्भुत मधुर संगीत
Video Link-- https://youtu.be/3-H753FBo0w
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This is the best Relaxing Music,Calm Music, Stress Relief Music,Sleep Music, Study Music
What a wonderful way to start a morning... No other instrument has that power to penetrate in the heart like a flute Krishna" is not a name its a whole universe Music is divine. This bit of music proves it. When you hear it closing your eyes with your inner sense, definitely you feel an undefined
Friends feel relaxed in the morning while enjoying the beautiful Romantic heart touch Indian flute Music. The bamboo flute is specially cultivated for flute-making. Just as bamboo with a hard exterior is unsuitable for a flute, a mind, which is surrounded by a wall of pride, is unsuitable for spiritual contemplation, just as only one end of the flute is left open, so all thoughts are shut out, except thoughts about the supreme one. just as the flute is dipped in a solution so that it gets seasoned, so the mind is placed at lotus divine feet so that it becomes ready to receive blissfulness This is the best instrumental flute music being played in the background. This is Lord Krishna top flute music.
Many call it Krishna flute song touching the soul. Music gives relief, music reconnects to Him. I feel flute music is the best of all.
This flute Music has been designed to be used as meditation, relaxation, soothing, instrumental, deep sleep, calm, zen music background for your Meditation Yoga Practice or simply use it for relaxation. Enjoy this soft, calming flute. This is the most relaxing meditation music relieving all tension and anxiety.
Tejinder sir says you can experience the fastest relaxation in just 5 minutes with this music. Just listen with closed eyes and your mind attains peace.
That"s why we call it heart touching flute music and mind peace music. Enjoy the natural beauty and heartful flute music.
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