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Relaxing Short: Life Is (Even More) Beautiful [Calm, Happy, Classical Piano Music]

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Relaxing classical piano music by Newman.
Stream or download the album 'Stillness Speaks' by Newman from Flood Tide Music: https://ffm.to/stillness-speaks

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????Flood Tide Music

???? About the composers, Newman:
Newman - The Pianist grew up in Europe with a background in Classical music and history and has developed a style that uses the instrument as a means to fully express emotions. From the beginning stages as a child in a small town to performances around the world as an adult, Newman’s music captures all the experiences collected along the way. Stillness Speaks is a collection of self-reflecting and soothing piano music that will take you in its spell. From the simple beginning chords of “Memories” to the sparse melody of “Missing You”, this collection of piano music is the first look into an artist’s inner dialogue that will surely produce more compositions in the future. Sit back, close your eyes and find your inner stillness with Newman - The Pianist.

???? About Flood Tide Music:
Flood Tide Music is a new division of Cordova Bay Entertainment Group, Inc. We curate everything from ambient and meditation music to post and neo-classical originals to chill down-tempo beats. Flood Tide Music provides the audience with music that promotes peaceful reflection, relaxation, and concentration.

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