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The Music of Cecil Chaminade - Maestros Live Stream Saturday 27th Feb at 1pm GMT

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When we look through the long list of composers who comprise the repertoire of the Western tradition we quickly notice that the catalogue is heavily male dominated. It’s therefore opportune that one of our members has requested a Maestros livestream devoted to the music of Cecile Chaminade, one of the foremost female composers in that tradition. Despite her father’s objection to the pursuit of a musical education and musical career, Chaminade persisted and achieved acclaim as a composer and as a performer in her native France, in the U.K. and in America. What were the hallmarks of her style. What makes her music so attractive? What did she contribute to the repertoire and to the advancement of music? Join us for this fascinating exploration of some of her music on February 27th at 13:00hrs UTC. Following on from the above, at 14:15hrs UTC our level 3 livestream will explore submissions made by members.

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