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"Vanish into Thin Air" [Ch9] | Modern Classical Music Concept Album | Piano Instrumental

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Chapter 9. "Vanish into Thin Air"

I was so disappointed, and when I turned around and was about to go back, I suddenly saw those men from the orphanage standing in front of me.
At that moment, I immediately ran, ran hard and kept running, but I was still easily overtaken.

I used all my strength and kept struggling until I completely exhausted my energy.
One of them took out a syringe and injected me with a dose of medicine. I felt dizzy and unconscious.

→ Next chapter: "Awake from Dream"
Coming soon.
← Previous chapter: "Mirage"


"Vanish into Thin Air" is included in my 2020 album "Isle of Abyss".

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Producer / Composer / Arranger: Raining Yu
Recording / Mixing / Mastering: Raining Yu
Artworks: 帆 @hsiaofan1014
(Instagram: https://instagram.com/hsiaofan1014)


Raining Yu is an instrumental music composer, specializes in piano, orchestra, and synthesizer.
► Facebook: https://facebook.com/c.RainingYu
► Instagram: https://instagram.com/raining.yu
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/c_rainingyu

Copyright © ℗ Raining Yu

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